HyperText Markup Language/Tag List/applet

Use Edit

This is a depreciated tag. Use <object/> instead. It was used for applying Java Applets to the page. It was also used in conjunction with JavaScript.

Example Edit

<applet codebase="file:D:/WebsiteData/Applets/timers/" code="clock.class" width="300" height="200">
  <param name="format" value="twelve" />

Required attributes Edit

code Edit

For specifying the URL of the applet code.

Optional attributes Edit

align Edit

How the applet is to be aligned with the text and images.

alt Edit

Text that will be displayed if the browser does not support the applet tag.

archive Edit

The name of the .zip file containing the file.

codebase Edit

The class file subdirectory.

height Edit

For specifying the height of the applet.

hspace Edit

The horizontal space around the applet in pixels.

mayscript Edit

Allows the applet to access a JavaScript or vbscript.

name Edit

The name of the applet that will be accessed via a DOM.

vspace Edit

The amount of vertical space around the applet in pixels.

width Edit

For specifying the width of the applet.

Standard attributes Edit

More info Edit

A link to a page with more info, then the name of the site the info came from (i.e. W3Schools).