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Thymus 'Spicy Orange'

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Thymus 'Spicy Orange'
Thymus 'Spicy Orange'

'Spicy Orange' Thyme
Thymus 'spicy orange' 001.JPG
Genus: Thymus
Family: Lamiaceae
Variety: 'Spicy Orange'
Type: Perennial herb
Light requirements: full sun to light shade
Bloom season: spring

'Spicy Orange' is a hybrid cultivar of Thymus grown for its strong flavor and sweet, citrus-like scent.


'Spicy Orange' is a low, spreading thyme with sharp awn-shaped leaves and pale purple flowers.

Growing ConditionsEdit

As with most thymes, good drainage is essential, otherwise not picky about soils.


A very strong flavored herb when used fresh. Also grown as a scented ground cover, and tolerates some foot traffic.



Propagate by cuttings or division.


Best used as a fresh herb. Cut growing tips 1-2" long, cool and refrigerate until ready to use.

Pests and DiseasesEdit

See Thymus