Hit Ferda in his neck

Card game Hit Ferda in his neckEdit

According to the speculations and written sources was this card game created in Chomutov grammar school in 2018. As founders are considered members of Klub mladého karbaníka (translated as a: Club of a young gambler). The game is similar to a world famous game: Pic kozu do vazu (Hit a goat in her neck). The game is adapted for school purposes.

Rules and needsEdit

  • optional number of players (recomended 3-4)
  • handover of the deck of cards after card of num.10 played, goes in the direction as a clock hands goes.
  • 1 deck of cards, the best option is one-headed German Mariáš Cards (32 cards)

Game processEdit

  • random player shuffles the deck and put it on the table with the face of cards going down
  • the player turns over the first card in the deck as fast as he can, for fast visibility of the card for all players
  • players are trying to complete a "task", which every card demands as fast as possible
  • the last player who made the task, or the player who did not make it whatsoever takes the card
  • If the time of accomplishment was identical, they will keep the card on the table and next card goes on it. Who will lose the next round takes the series of cards.
  • The winner is an owner of the least number of cards taken due to lost tasks.


The game was invented in Czech Republic, so the tasks are in Czech version. You can try pronounce it and play it in an original way, or use the English translation.

  • 7 - say: "Pic Ferdu do vazu!" (hit Ferda in his neck)
  • 8 - say: "Rastajane" [Normal English pronounce], and do a facepalm
  • 9 - say: "Rohlík s Paštikou!" (pastry with liver paste) and clap your hands at the same time
  • 10 - say: "Všude jsem byl!" (I was everywhere) and another player on turn is now the man who is revealing the cards
  • inferior - say: "Bonjour, Malej Dobrej!" (Bonjour Little Good!)
  • superior - say: "Bonjour, Pani Chytrá!" (Bonjour Mrs.Smart!)
  • King - say: "Pane vrchní Vopičáku!" (Sir boss/waiter little monkey!)
  • Ace - say: "Móňa!" (Little Monica) and fastly slap your hand to the table to make a noise

Bonus cardsEdit

Some cards have special abilities. These cards player keeps in front of him at one's place with the face of card going up. When one of these cards is revealed during the game, a player who as first performed a task, keeps it. If he was ought to take a card (or bunch of cars) in future, he could use it to buyback the mistake or his slowness. He throw away the bonus card on table and the game goes on. These cards will not count to losing cards if the player did not use them.

  • eight of Hearts - say: "Červená osmička jako Tlamička" (Red eight like mouth) and do a facepalm
  • Ace of Acorns - say: "Toho Lucifera nám byl čert dlužen" (Lucifer was the devil owed to us) and fastly slap your hand to the table to make a noise
  • nine of Leaves - say: "Kdo chce všechno, nemá nic" (Whoever wants everything has eventually nothing) and clap your hands at the same time //in honor to HH