Hebrew Roots/The Restoration of Truth

With the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem by the Romans in 70AD, the apostolic oversight of the followers of Yeshua was removed from Jerusalem. When Bar Kochba rose to prominence among the Jews as a Messianic leader in the next century, he gave rise to the Jewish hope of deliverance from the Roman yoke and was encouraged to incite rebellion against Rome. This created a division between the followers of Yeshua and the rest of the Jewish nation who were following Bar Kochba as their Messiah.

Rome quelled the uprising and ordered all Jews to leave Jerusalem permanently making it into a Roman city. The believers in Yeshua as the Messiah, as well as all other Jews, were forbidden to return to Jerusalem and became scattered among other nations. With this dispersion of the believers into other nations, the central functioning oversight of the Apostolic Council was taken over by Rome and a process of pagan infiltration began of the original truths and practices of the believers in Messiah.

This process of corruption became complete in and through Constantine, who implemented more changes which he enforced by law. The original truths and practices of the apostles were lost to posterity in time and the religion of Christianity in the form of the Catholic church was the result.

Yahweh began a period of restoration that began with Martin Luther and has continued down through many apostolic leaders who have been instrumental in recovering truth to the congregation of God to the present day. Baptism by immersion, Body ministry, Baptism in the holy Spirit with the truths of healing, deliverance, emotional healing etc. have been restored to the Body of Messiah.

The last of these moves has been the Hebraic Roots movement which has been predominant in restoring the truth that the commandments of Yahweh God have not been abolished, but rather, in the new covenant we have been empowered to keep His commandments through the enabling of His Spirit.

Therefore, Grace has not replaced Law, but both Grace and Truth (law) came by Yeshua the Messiah.