Hebrew Roots/The Eternal Plan of God

‬The scriptures refer to the‭ "‬everlasting‭" ‬gospel‭ (‬Rev.14:6‭) ‬which takes us back to the beginning, as having been something in the original counsels of Yahweh God. He foresaw the fall of man and took into account the fulfillment of His plan through a process which would bring many sons into the glorious liberty of sons -- mature sons, with whom He could share His purposes for creation which will have its outworking in the ages to come. Something which is so awesome, that it is beyond the scope of the natural mind of man to envisage what Yahweh God has prepared for those who love Him and who are prepared to be conformed to His image.

This series is to gain an understanding of the gospel and what form it will take in the endtime as the‭ "‬gospel of the kingdom‭" ‬which is to be preached in all the world before the end of this age comes, which will herald in His kingdom upon earth.