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Minecraft is a building/survival game, in which you build to survive. Now there are in game achievements, but you also can create your own. This is one of the best games to play if you want a challenge, this is because of a game mode called "Hardcore". In this game mode, if you die you don't get to "respawn" like in other Minecraft worlds without this game mode. Also the world will be locked on hard, thus, making it even harder.

5 Day Basic Java GuideEdit

Day 1Edit

The first thing you probably want to get wood, to do that you have to punch trees. After that you want shelter. To provide safety from the monsters that come out at night. The next thing you want to do is find 3 sheep and kill them for wool, from there you can craft a bed to help you skip the night. The next thing you are going to want to do is mine for coal iron and stone to upgrade your tools. Then when its night you go sleep.

Day 2Edit

If you don't have 3 iron to make a iron pickaxe then go back to the mines. Once you get these 3 iron that is when you make a iron pickaxe. This is a useful tool, and should be reserved for mining ores, go and mine 16 cobblestone and make 2 furnaces, from here you can smelt and cook things. put your iron in the furnaces, also your probably hungry now (in the game), so go out and kill pigs until you have 5 pork chops. Put them in the other furnace. Take the iron out of the other furnaces, then make a iron pickaxe. From here go to Y-32. From there you can mine every ore, but watch out for lava.