Game Design Using Blender

Blender is a free, open source 3D computer graphics package. It used to come with an existing game engine called the 'Blender Game Engine'. Though this feature has been removed from the base Blender installation after the 2.80 release, it has since been forked and continues to be developed as an open-source application under the new name of UPBGE.[1] Game design and programming sounds very tough to most people which is why not many people are into this field. It is the creative use of the right tools in the right manner that holds the key to successful game design.

An early version of the Blender Game Engine.

So, what do we require? edit

Designing a 3D game requires the use of basically 4 things:

  1. A 3D animation and modeling package
  2. A game engine
  3. A scripting language supported by the game engine (UPBGE uses a Python API)
  4. Other accessories like image manipulation applications for editing textures and sound editing packages.

Summarizing the whole game development process edit

Note that this process assumes that you have a ready-made game engine to use in your game.

The first stage consists of planning the theme (story) in detail of the game. After this phase, you will need to build detailed plans of levels and characters of the game.

References edit

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