Both FB and FBtoC are capable of utilizing several different ways to locate files and folders including: FSSpecs, FSRefs, CFURLRefs and POSIX paths.

At times a programmer has a need to convert between the formats. The Carbon Toolbox—understood by both FB and FBtoC—offers several functions to expedite such conversions. They include:

FSpMakeFSRef: Convert an FSSpec to an FSRef (Deprecated since OS X 10.5)
FSGetCatalogInfo: Convert an FSRef to an FSSpec (For legacy code)
FSPathMakeRef: Convert a POSIX file path to an FSRef
FSRefMakePath: Convert an FSRef to an POSIX file path
CFURLGetFSRef: Convert a CFURLRef to an FSRef
CFURLCreateFromFSRef  : Convert an FSRef to a CFURLRef
CFURLCopyFileSystemPath : Convert a CFURLRef to POSIX Path
CFURLCreateWithFileSystemPath : Convert a POSIX path to CFURLRef

(Source code examples and more discussion to follow)

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