French History/Third Republic/World War 1

The number of young men who enlisted in The Great War was phenomenal. This was due primarily to Australia's loyalty to 'Mother England'. Although Australia did not have many troops to give Britain, it certainly gave all it could in the way of primary produce and other vital supplies in 1914.

Entrenched French soldiers in 1917.

To begin with, fewer men returned than those who decided to join up. The first World War impacted Australia economically, politically, socially, and culturally until the big stock market crash.

Australia started to feel the Depressions effect because they couldn't sell primary products so the supplies were high and demands were low because of the stock market crash in 1929.

And nobody could afford to buy the primary products such as wheat, wool, and minerals because everybody used up their shares and stock which made people poor. Their stocks and shares were sold before they were useless, they could not be paid, and they had to dismiss people from work. With fewer jobs, the people who couldn't afford housing lived on the street.

Afterwards all the world felt the Depression.