Foundations and Assessment of Education/Edition 1/How to Use This Book/Writing an Author Reflection

Writing an Author Reflection


Each author, after posting the final version of either their Foundations article or Assessment article, should leave an "Author Reflection" on their article's discussion page.

An Author Reflection is a statement from the author reflecting on the content of their article. Some example author reflections include:

  • The author's opinion on the topic based on the information reported and his/her own personal experience.
  • A personal experience related to the topic such as an observation from a classroom or a memory of a personal school experience.
  • Questions the author was left with after researching the topic.
  • Deliberations the author had about what content to include in the article or which sources to use.

Directions for Writing an Author Reflection

  • After posting the final version of your article, go to the "discussion" page for your article by clicking the "discussion" tab at the top
  • Click "edit this page"
  • Type the words "Author Reflection" and make it a Level 2 Headline by highlighting the text and clicking the 5th editing button from the left (the one with the large "A" on it)
  • Type in your Author Reflection
  • Sign your response with four tilde ~~~~
  • Don't forget to click SAVE PAGE
  • Be sure you are logged into Wikibooks.