Foundations and Assessment of Education/Edition 1/How to Use This Book/Wikibook Article Descriptions

Wikibook Article Descriptions


There are two main types of Wikibook articles: Content Articles and Special Feature Articles

Content Articles cover a specific topic within a chapter, for example Charter Schools.

Special Feature Articles are just what they sound like, special features that are supplemental to the core content of a chapter. There are four types of Special Feature Articles:

  • Experts Take Sides
  • In the News
  • Chapter FAQ
  • The Scoop from Someone Who Knows

Each chapter will contain 6-10 Content Articles and 4 Special Feature Articles. Several students may write a version of each of these articles; the mostly highly rated version will become part of the official textbook.

Brief Descriptions of the Special Feature Articles


Experts Take Sides

These articles consider two or more expert viewpoints on a controversial topic. They include background information on a topic, reviews and links to expert-written articles with differing perspectives, and a synthesis of the debate on the topic.

In the News

These articles report current events related to the chapter topic and may include links to articles in the popular media.

Chapter FAQ

These articles include Frequently Asked Questions which provide definitions, descriptions and examples of key terms and concepts in a chapter.

The Scoop from Someone Who Knows

These articles contain interviews with experts (e.g. teachers,administrators, parents, and even students) on a given topic.