Foundations and Assessment of Education/Edition 1/How to Use This Book/Providing Feedback to Your Peer Reviewers

You need to provide feedback to EVERYONE who reviewed your article. You may have received 1 or 2 peer reviews. Please provide feedback on each peer review completed for your article.

To do this

  • Go to your article.
  • Go to EACH peer review (one or two). Complete the directions for each peer review that is completed.
  • Click on the “Discussion” page for the peer review.
  • Fill out the blue template. (You will need to click "edit this page" to do so.) You will be required to check for the required components and to grade the feedback on four criteria:
    • reflects criteria
    • understandable
    • specific
    • achievable.
  • We also ask that you make at least 1 compliment and 1 suggestion (a 1+1) in the comments area.
  • Sign the template with four tilde and hit "Save Page"

Reviewers are graded based on your feedback!! Please be conscientious and fair.