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Here's a link to a webpage that lists the codes for lots of different colors



To change the font type or font color, see my code here. You can type font color="#type the six-digit code" to change the color and face="Type in the name of the font here". FYI not all fonts will work. All this code needs to be inside carrots <>. If you don't want a font to be used for the entire paper you need to "turn the font off" by typing </font> when you want it to go back to normal. I suggest using normal black font for all of your text except for sidebars or other parts you might want to highlight. Don't just write your text in purple and green for fun. Our eyes would hurt!!

Come to the

Salem Witch Trials: An exciting blend of entertainment

for the entire family will be provided including

dunking, exorcism, and hanging.

To make a side bar like mine, hit "edit this page" and scroll down until you see the coding surrounding the Salem Witch Trials content. You can then copy and paste this code directly into your Wiki article and modify it in the ways I describe below. You can also copy the coding from other Wiki articles you like.

If you would like your side bar to use different colors than these, check out this website which lists the codes for a wild assortment of colors:

Once you find a color you like, copy the color code and paste it over the background (or border) color code # I have listed.

Copy this code if you would like your side bar to be a little more subdued and look like this!

If you would like to have a thinner (or thicker) border around your side bar, you can adjust the number in "border: solid 10px". For example, change it to 1px for a very thin border.

If you would like to change the color of the text, see my note above.

I made the text in my sidebar larger than normal. You can change it back to regular size by deleting the <big> that is listed right before and after my sidebar text.

You can decide how big to make your side bar (by changing the width percentage—mine is at 60%) and whether you want to center it or align it to the left or right (ALIGN=CENTER or ALIGN=RIGHT, etc.).

I centered the text in my sidebar by writing <center> before my text.