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Evaluating Development Cooperation/Elements Of An Evaluation Action/Planning The M&E Action/Determine What Information The Evaluation Must Provide

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An organization aiming at programme program quality should establish a system of Monitoring and Evaluation. In fact in order to ensure program quality programme managers need to use the feed back of monitoring and evaluation in order to: check whether the programme or project is being implemented according to plans and assess whether the programme of project is resulting in the anticipated changes or impacts (thereby fulfilling the basic requirement for a projectized organization); identify key learning points to feed back in improved programme design and management (thereby fulfilling the basic requirement for a learning organization); identify the need and the scope to raise the capacity of the human resources of the organization to manage successfully their task and contribute to the generation of a healthy communication climate within the organization and with external stakeholders. (thereby fulfilling the basic requirement for an employee empowering organization). Building professional reputation and standards in organizational activities and image. There is transparency and accountability in all the aspects of organizational culture and managerial style.