Donkey Kong Country/Levels/Mine Cart Carnage

  • Enemies: Krash
  • Bonus Rooms: 0
  • Animal Helpers: None
  • Difficulty: 5/10
  • Extra Lives: 1
  • Level Warp: Yes
  • Photographs: 1
  • Music: Mine Cart Madness



Start the level by jumping into the blast barrel. You will land in a mine cart that is continually moving forward and jumps with you. Collect the bananas at the the beginning by staying still and then jump to collect the arc of bananas. When you reach the edge there is no need to jump; staying still will allow you to collect the trio of bananas. Let the mine cart take you forward and jump to collect the letter K.

After that the track will slope upwards and downwards, jump over the gap to land on the other side. Then jump to the next level of the track and collect the bananas. Let the mine cart take you forwards a bit, and then jump across the gap and collect the bananas. Immediately there will be another gap to jump over and four more bananas to rescue. After that you will have to jump to arrive at the next level of track. You will then very quickly go down a steep hill and be forced to jump twice in a row to avoid the gaps in the track. At the next gap, jumping is not necessary, and once you land you can jump to collect the letter O.

You will go over another hill and then you have two options: If you want to, you can try to collect the bunch of bananas by waiting until you touch it and then jumping (It is possible to make the jump, but it takes timing.) Otherwise just jump over the gap like normal. You will then need to jump over the gap going upwards. You can collect the bananas by not jumping and then you will be faced with another two option scenario: If you want to collect the Enguarde token, then jump before you reach the edge of the track. If you do not want the Enguarde token, then let the mine cart descend to the next piece of track. You will then come to the continue barrel and the another DK barrel.

After the continue barrel you will go up another hill and come upon an overturned mine cart. Wait until you are close to the mine cart before jumping, as there is a gap behind the mine cart and hitting the mine cart will cause you to lose a Kong. As you go down the next slope, be ready to avoid the next mine cart near the bottom. Up the hill are two gaps, separated by a piece of angled track. Jump to land on the piece of angled track and then quickly jump again to make the next gap. Be ready to jump over the next overturned mine cart that is very close by. After that, you will go down a steep hill and over two overturned mine carts in quick succession (you will collect the letter N after you jump over the first mine cart.)

You will land on another track and very quickly you will need to jump on the next level of track above, as a Krash will come seemingly out of nowhere. Beware the Krash'! If you touch any any of the Krash in this level (including landing on one) you will lose a Kong. After you are on the next level of track, you can jump again to collect a bunch of bananas. On the next gap, if you don't jump, you will be rewarded with a life balloon; otherwise you will only get three bananas. Shortly after you will encounter another Krash and go up a hill to another gap. After you jump over the gap you will go up a slope and encounter a Krash near the top, which should be jumped over. You will go up another slope, and also encounter another Krash near the top as well.the track will the curve downwards a little and the come back up to go down a hill. There is a gap going down the hill, which is not necessary to jump over. At the next gap you will have to jump and then jump again, to avoid the Krash that is very close to the beginning of the next track. you will then go up a hill, collect 3 bananas, collect the letter G, and then be forced to jump over a gap and the overturned mine cart at the beginning of the next piece of track (you cannot fall down the gap but you will hit the mine cart if you don't jump.)

Soon after there will be two gaps separated by a piece of straight track. Jumping over each gap will earn you two bananas (if you don't jump over each gap your character will plummet into the abyss.) You will then go down a hill and encounter two more gaps separated by an angled piece of track. This takes timing; jump when the character in the front of the mine cart is centered where the banana was before you took it. Then jump again. This should get you across the two gaps without falling. You will land on on a slope and a Krash will come very quickly, so be ready to jump. Then you will face the most difficylt part of the level: three gaps separated by an angled track going up and then an angled track going down.

If/When you get the timing right (if you don't then you can still use the warp barrel; you will have 100% of the level finished just by getting all of the KONG letters), you will land on a hill that flattens at the top. Going down the hill, you encounter two Krash' that you must jump over. Then you must get through a series of separated pieces of track in this order: short track, short track ending in an overturned mine cart, lower short track ending in a overturned mine cart, higher short track ending in an overturned mine cart. Then you will land on the last piece of track and see the much wanted arrow that signifies the exit is near. You will encounter one more Krash and then you will finally go through the exit.

Warp Barrel Location


Walk ahead and jump over the blast barrel. And this may sound like killing yourself but it works. There is a barrel at the bottom and that barrel will blast you to the end. Make sure you get Donkey Kong or Diddy Kong in case you get hit. If you get hit use your remaining player and jump into the cart. Get ready to jump because there is a Krash waiting for you to jump over it. Then you will see the exit!

Photograph location (GBA only)


Go into the Warp Barrel.