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Template: Decision on Allocating Organizational resources for developing a project plan

Project Name:____________________ __________ Date:_______________

Agency: ___________________________________

Business Unit/Program Area:______________________

Who is proposing the project within the Organization:___________________

Who is giving the “green light” within the Organization to proceed further with the project planning:___________________

Who will eventually prepare the detailed project plan:_________________

Who will eventually approve project plan (within the Organization):_________________

Who else (outside the Organization) need to approve the Project Plan:_________________

We have seen the Project Business Case Document (the output of the project origination phase) and we have approved it.

We have decided to allocate the following human resources:

  1. _______
  2. _______
  3. _______

To work for a total of …. person/days for developing the project details.

This implies the preparation of the following documents:

  • The project project scope document (that will complete the project initiation phase )
  • The detailed Project Plan Document (with annexes) that will the planning phase

Project Initiation start date: _______

Project planning end target date: _______

Manager Responsible: _______

Other comments: _______


signed _______