Developing A Universal Religion/Thinking

A discussion about thinking must begin by saying a little about the brain and the mind. The first exists in concrete form: it is pinkish-grey in colour, weighs about three pounds, and has the consistency of jelly. It contains about a hundred billion neural cells supported within some trillion neuroglial cells, consumes about twenty percent of the body’s energy, and can be dissected and examined microscopically. But the mind is quite a different kettle of fish. In fact, some neuroscientists deny its very existence. They prefer the simpler explanation that thoughts occur in the brain, and claim that what we call the “mind” does not exist. However, it is simpler to discuss the two separately, and this is how they will be treated in this book.

  1. The Brain
  2. The Mind
  3. First- And Second-Level Thinking
    1. First-Level Thinking—Awareness
    2. Second-Level Thinking—Association
  4. Third-Level Thinking And Language
  5. Language And Uniqueness
  6. Thinking And The Universe
  7. Thinking And Intelligence