Developing A Universal Religion/Multi-year Targets

Anything and everything is possible when fantasizing about the future. Everyone has their own views, and the great majority, we know, will turn out to be wrong. For what little they might be worth, here are some conjectures concerning the possible development of a universal religion.

25-year achievements: A suitable meta-purpose is envisioned, and its legal definition as a universal purpose is agreed upon. Public awareness programs are developed and initiated. Political, financial, and religious support is being sought. National and international groups are being formed. Media and public relations units are active. Possible administration, legal, accountability, and other organizational structures necessary for the continuance of the universal purpose project are being discussed.

50-year achievements: The universal purpose is used by 20% of the world’s governments to guide their decision making in such areas as law, genetics, population, pollution, world aid, trade, and exploitation-control.

100-year achievements: The universal purpose has been adopted by 25% of the world’s population, and varieties of a universal religion, headed by this purpose, are being used by them to make moral decisions in arenas where their personal religion provides no answers.

250-year achievements: Self-sustaining, off-world colonies have been built on several of the sun’s planets or their moons and are supplying Earth with rare minerals; the continuation of any indigenous life forms found there is protected by the tenets of the (now commonly accepted) universal religion. Colony ships are on their way to several hospitable exoplanets.

500-year achievements: Information exchanges between humans and intelligent alien life are becoming common occurrences. The possible need to reformulate our meta-purpose, universal purpose and universal religion (and its moral codes) is debated in light of what we learn.

1000-year achievements: Interchanges between numerous other-world species are facilitated by the adoption of a universal meta-purpose that guides the manner by which life’s continuing evolution is supported.

Clearly many other targets have to be met, if any of this is to come to pass. But, look back the same number of years into our past: what changes have humans wrought during that short span. Then look ahead. All might become reality—if we take courage and act upon our dreams.