Creative Writing/Free-Verse Poetry

Free Verse PoetryEdit

Broadly speaking, there are two kinds of poetry: Form and Free Poems.

Below is an example of a free verse poem.


You must be my enemy.
Often, you let me down.
You bring me pains.

You are heartless.
Sometimes, you make me cry.
You are cruel.

You are my friend.
Sometimes, you bring me joy and laughter.
You bring me strength.

You are following me,
Or I am following you?
You follow me like my shadow.

Who are you?

By Janpha Thadphoothon (12 January 2009)

Form Poems

One of the form poems is a shape poem. A poem that has a shape of a diamond is called a diamante poem, which has seven lines.

Here are some examples:

Anger (1)
Mad, Violent (2)
Burning, Tormenting, Destroying (3)
Fear, Shame, Hostility, Rage (4)
Fighting, Hurting, Killing (3)
Low, Ugly (2)
Darkness (1)

Beautiful, Carefree
Giving, Supporting, Helping
Kindness, Compassion, Unity, Cooperation
Sharing, Caring, Forgiving
Peaceful, Merciful