Create Ghost

Create Ghost?Edit

Create Ghost is a book intended as a guide away from demons, a guide around pitfalls, and a non-Fictional resource written for readers fascinated by ghost, monsters of horror, and angels, spirits, and good people offering guidelines when dealing with the afterlife.

Spirits of the imaginationEdit

Although ghosts are creatures of folklore, similar in nature to similar monsters from the afterlife that are sometimes called the "un-dead," monsters such as zombies and vampires are negative. Typically, undead monsters are uniquely different from ghost, those lingering spirits who refuse to die.
Although ghosts are, by definition, the lingering spirits of people who reject certain notions about death, ghosts are special, of a unique quality that is popular with readers, especially around specific seasonal events. For these reasons, ghosts are a original type of fiction.

                                                             About This Book 

We hope this book will clear up many mis-notions, and misunderstandings associated with the "un-dead". We hope this book will be more the guide to good guides in Literature.