Conversational Gothic

So what is this? Conversational Gothic? Gothic is an ancient language and although some people want to use it as a modern language, material lacks to do that. Therefore, this book was created to offer some help in using Gothic for modern words and to use a word order which can be considered correct.

Introducing edit

Hails - hello (to man)
Haila - hello (woman)
Hailai - hello (to men)
Hailos - hello (ro women)
Golja þuk - Hello
Golja igqis - Hello you two
Golja izwis - Hello (more people)
Hvaiwa is? - How are you? (To one person)
Hvaiwa sijuts? - How are you? (To two persons)
Hvaiwa sijuþ? - How are you? (To more people)
Im waila, jah þu? - I 'm fine, and you?
Im jah waila - I 'm fine too
Awiliudo þus - I thank you/ thanks
Awiliudo igqis - I thank you two
Awiliudo izwis - I thank you (more people)

Speaking edit

Rodja ... - I speak ... Gutrazda - Gothic Aggilarazda - English Finnarazda - Finnish þiudiskarazda - German Fragkarazda - French Krekarazda - Greek Aispairanto (f. N) - Esperanto

Rodeizu Gutrazda? - Do you speak Gothic?
Rodeizu Aggilarazda? - Do you speak English?

Hvileikos razdos rodeis? - Which languages do you speak?
Hvo ist þeina frumista razda? - What's your first language?
Hvan waila rodeizu ....? - How well do you speak ....?
Ni rodeizu .... ? - You can't speak .... ?

Modern technology edit

Fairrasiuns (f. I) - television Garahnja (m. N) - computer Natjastaþs (m. I) - website Miþnati (n. Ja) - internet

In stores edit

Hva mag taujan faur þuk? - What can I do for you?
Habais hlaif? - Do you have a bread?
Wileis bugjan þata? - Do you want to buy that?
Hvan filu wileis? - How much do you want?
Skattos meinai ni ganauhand - I don't have enough money
þata gawaurki ist in iftumon gatwon - That store is located in the next street
Hvan filu ist? - How much does it cost? Haba .... + acc - I have .... Hvaiwa mag skalkinon þus? - How can I serve you? Wileis frabauhtaboka? - Do you want a deed of sale?