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Change Issues in Curriculum and Instruction/Other Issues Worth Investigating/17 May, 2007

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1. Recursive Learning: Learning does not always happen in linear fashion.

2. How School Policy Should be Influenced by Social Software

3. What Teachers Need to Know about Social Software: How do we know what to use? How do we find it? How do we use it effectively?

4. Differentiation: Meeting the Educational Needs of All Learners

5. Multi-Tasking: Plusses and Minuses—Understanding the dynamics of multi-tasking

6. Sychronous vs. Asynchronous Learning: What are the advantages and disadvantages of both? Is there a "happy medium"?

7. Mobilizing Social Software: Effective Use of Technology to Help Promote Critical Thinking in the Teaching and Learning Process

8. Teaching "Collabulation": How can we teach students to develop their own systems of classification along with their peers and the community?

9. Online Games: Effective Use in an Educational Environment

10. Digital Divide: How long do we wait to implement these new technologies without waiting too long?

11. Age-Specific Social Software: How can social software be classified with respect to age-appropriateness? Can these software transcend age brackets?

12. Cellphones: Should students have their teachers' cell phone numbers?

13. Social Software as a Crutch: At what point does social software stop being productive and start functioning as an excuse for irresponsibility?

14. The Social and Cultural Implications of Social Software: How Technologies Can Amplify Every System's Strengths and Weaknesses

15. Social Software Adding Meaning to Student Work