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  1. Writing Adolescent fiction
  2. Interlingual Energizers
  3. CLIL
  4. International Education Handbook
  5. Innovation Management in Education
  6. Open Education Handbook
  7. Elite and Minority Bilingualism in Colombia/Saint Thomas Aquinas School
  8. Curriculum Design in Community Education
  9. Peeragogy Handbook V2.0
  10. Peeragogy Handbook V1.0
  1. Open Education Practices: A User Guide for Organisations
  2. The School to Prison Pipeline
  3. Auxiliares de Conversación, Language and Culture Assistants in Spain Survival Guide
  4. Writing Adolescent fiction
  5. Open Education Handbook
  6. Social and Cultural Foundations of American Education
  7. Peeragogy Handbook V1.0
  8. Knowledge Engineering for Historians
  9. Interlingual Energizers
  10. International Education Handbook

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