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  1. ETD Guide/Print version
  2. ETD Guide
  3. ETD Guide/Introduction
  4. ETD Guide/Introduction/What are ETDs
  5. ETD Guide/Introduction/ETDs as new genre of documents
  6. ETD Guide/Introduction/Why ETDs?
  7. ETD Guide/Introduction/Minimize duplication of effort
  8. ETD Guide/Introduction/Improve visibility
  9. ETD Guide/Introduction/Accelerate workflow: graduate more quickly, make ETDs available faster to outside audience
  10. ETD Guide/Introduction/Costs and benefits
  1. ETD Guide
  2. ETD Guide/Print version
  3. ETD Guide/Technical Issues/Support for students to write directly in XML
  4. ETD Guide/Technical Issues/Database and IR
  5. ETD Guide/Introduction/Helping students network professionally
  6. ETD Guide/Students/Corel WordPerfect
  7. ETD Guide/Students/LaTeX
  8. ETD Guide/Universities/Costs
  9. ETD Guide/Technical Issues/DiTeD and DIENST
  10. ETD Guide/Training the Trainers/Initiatives to support ETD projects in Latin America

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