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  1. Algorithm Implementation/Sorting/Shell sort
  2. Algorithm Implementation/Graphs/Maximum flow/Sim Cut
  3. Algorithm Implementation/Graphs/Maximum flow/Simulation s-t Cut
  4. Algorithm Implementation/Simulation/Conway's Game of Life
  5. Algorithm Implementation/Sorting/Selection sort
  6. File Checksum Integrity Verifier (FCIV) Examples
  7. Algorithm Implementation/Hashing
  8. Algorithm Implementation/Strings/Longest repeated substring
  9. Algorithm Implementation/Trees/B+ tree
  10. Algorithm Implementation/Linear Algebra/Tridiagonal matrix algorithm
  1. Algorithm Implementation/Mathematics/Fibonacci Number Program
  2. Algorithm Implementation/Strings/Longest common substring
  3. Algorithm Implementation/Search/Binary search
  4. Algorithm Implementation/Strings/Levenshtein distance
  5. Algorithm Implementation/Sorting/Selection sort
  6. Algorithm Implementation/Checksums/Verhoeff Algorithm
  7. Algorithm Implementation/Mathematics/Extended Euclidean algorithm
  8. Algorithm Implementation/Mathematics/Pythagorean theorem
  9. Algorithm Implementation/Graphs/Maximum flow
  10. Algorithm Implementation/Strings/Longest common subsequence

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