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Case Studies in Sport Event Management/Template

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Work as a group to complete the following chapter:

Please keep layout formatting to a minimum. Numbered lists, dot points, bold and italic, hyperlinks, simple tables, all left aligned are ok. Please send Robin all images you use in your document, in a separate file.

To give life to the chapter you could use photographs and graphic material, extracts from your logbook and evaluation and quotes from some who attend. Please be absolutely rigorous in spelling, constructing your chapter to fit the template.



Setting the scene for the event. Remember that many readers will be international. Aim for 200 words.

Event DescriptionEdit

  • Rationale for, and the type of, event.
  • Target group/s for the participants.
  • Location.
  • Purpose.
  • Size of event
  • Aim for 500 words

The Event Presentation GroupEdit

  • Who you are and each of your roles
  • Aim for 200 words

Planning ProcessEdit

  • Outline key steps from concept of event, to the actual staging
  • Aim for 1000 words

Preparation for the DayEdit

  • Explain the specific planning immediately preceding the event
  • Aim for 1000 words

The EventEdit

  • Describe the actual day
  • Operations
  • How it went
  • Key features and happenings
  • Aim for 1500 words

Critical Reflection and EvaluationEdit

  • Evaluate the event in terms of your planning
  • Use comments and feedback
  • Implications for staging the event again
  • Recommendations
  • Aim for 1000 words