Canne de Combat/Grades


Blue pommelEdit

  • The beginning
  • Technical requirements : balance, quality, the 6 techniques , the 8 parries , dodgings .
  • Theory : Knowledge of the weapon, and the history of the canne.

Green pommelEdit

  • The two hands works together
  • Topic: I touch and I am not touched
  • Technical requirements : slits, voltes and framing
  • Theory: Criteria of the validity of a hit (movement, valid areas)

Red pommelEdit

  • The co-operation to the opposition
  • Topic: I am not touched and I touch
  • Principle: defensive organization and concept of response
  • Technical requirements: Shift, overflow, opposition, management of the effort
  • Theory: regulation Canes of Combat and Bâton, the behaviour, the equipment, the obligations of the players, the principles of the judgement, the sanctions and penalties
  • Allows to be initiator

White pommelEdit

  • Entered the confirmation
  • Topic: I touch before being touched
  • Principle: anticipation
  • Technical requirements: behavioral diagram, sequence prepared for a demonstration, interiorization of the practice (closed eyes)
  • Theory: the file of J/A, the categories of age and the various types of competition

Yellow pommelEdit

  • Pommel of the acquisition
  • Topic: “I disturb for touching”
  • Principle: pretence (see the article on the pretence of B. Dubreuil)
  • Technical requirement: work in simple cane, double cane and stick
  • Theory: to have the diploma of regional training J/A, take part at the various meetings (official and semi-official)
  • Allows to be instructor