Budget Watch Collecting/Contributing

You can edit and contribute to most wiki projects, including this one. If you've got something useful, please contribute, even if you can't spell, or you don't know how to format to match the rest of the site-the information is the most important, someone else can (and probably will) fix any errors or formatting mistakes.

If you have an idea, think of a good title for your contribution. Click on the "edit" tab of the Budget Watch Collecting title pages, or the most appropriate sub-section, and add your title like this:

[[Budget Watch Collecting/your title]] Then click save. You'll be on the page you just added your title, which should show up in red. (If it is blue, you've picked an already-used title, so go back and make it more specific). Click on the red link you just created--That will take you to the edit page where you can add your text. The square brackets are how you link to any wikibooks page. To add a link to an outside webpage, use single square brackets, the URL, a space, then the clickable text you want. [http://www.google.com The best search engine]


The best search engine

A note about pictures

Wikibooks doesn't allow outside pictures, so you MUST upload pictures by clicking on the "upload file" link in the sidebar. Pictures must be either public domain, or under a Wikimedia compatible license. Picture names must be unique within the entire Wiki project--If you try to upload a file with a "used" name, you'll get a warning message asking if you want to replace the already existing file.

To use a picture once it has been uploaded (or any existing Wikibooks or Wiki Commons picture) use the format


I name the pictures with a descriptive filename, followed by the last 3 or 4 numbers of the original filename.