Blender 3D: Noob to Pro/Turning your 2D logo into a slick 3D image

Modeling a 3D logo from a 2D logo in Blender 3DEdit

I found an outdated logo creation tutorial at: Since I wanted to design a logo of my own, I've decided to take this tutorial as a basic and go on with my own logo creation from there. I do not intend to insult the original author, but I couldn't find a way to get in touch.

Tracing your logo

The most tedious part of creating a logo animation is tracing the logo. In most cases all you'll get as a freelancer is a paper print, or a bitmap of a company's logo.

In this case, I just ripped a cool looking logo from the internet.


The first thing you'll need for this is a 2D logo that you want to make a 3D model of, I made up a fake company logo for this tutorial (try and get it in JPEG format). You can click the link below to see it.

Random Logo Image

note from spiderworm thank you, i've responded back. note from milovanderlinden I am working on upgrading this tutorial.

Curve or polygon?

Ok I decided to step up to the plate and continue this simple tutorial.

You can use a curve, polyline and trace the outline of the 2D logo with those. Alternatively a polygon is used(say, a plane). The polygon is molded into 2D logo shape by subdivision and consequent pushing&pulling the vertices so that the poly outline is the same as the logo.

Extruding the tracing curve

Once you have the logo traced with a curve or polyline, or polygon, select it, and press EKEY. Then extrude the profile as much as you like. Make sure it has faces on all sides.

Add Texture

Add a texture to the shape.

Lights, Camera, Render

Position lights and the camera so that the logo looks nice. Press F12 key to render.