Blender 3D: Noob to Pro/Every Material Known to Man/South asian Skin


Col: R=0.75 G=0.52 B=0.4
Spe: R=0.75 G=0.52 B=0.4
Mir: R=0.75 G=0.52 B=0.4

(note: the intensity of light and the type of lamp{and other light settings} will affect the material preview ,press f5 ,under the lamp buttons make sure that:-

  • energy="1"
  • r,g,b all are set to "1"
  • under preview pane lamp is selected



[Oren-Nayar] Reflection: 0.95 Roughness:0.3
[CookTorr] Specularity: 0.05 Hardness: 10
Translucency 0.00
Ambient: 0.500
Emit: 0.000


(Note:in this image the actual color of the material is not so clearly visible as it is highly compressed,click on the image to see the image in original size and actual shades{color})