Beginner's Guide to Adobe Flash/Color/Color Mixer

The Color Mixer controls the inventory of the Color Swatches Panels. New colors can be created using various color modes: RGB, HSB and hex, using manual values or from the color picker. The Color Mixer contains four channels: red, green, blue and alpha (transparency). These are all adjustable with sliders including a tint slider. In this manner, new colors can be created from existing colors, i.e. two web-safe colors combined to create a new color, and then added to the Color Swatches panel. The flexibility of the Color Mixer panel allows any color swatch to be loaded and modified. Using the Eyedropper tool, a color can be picked up from anywhere in the Flash interface, on the desktop, from other applications, etc. This can also be done directly through the Color Swatches panel, but cannot be stored unless added through the Color Mixer's "Add Swatch" command.

If you would like to fill a bitmap from your library with color, you have the option to. Start by selecting your bitmap that you would like to fill with the selection tool. Next, open up your color mixer panel and then choose Bitmap from the Color style menu. If you have bitmaps stored in your present library, they're available from the Bitmap Preview section of your Color Mixer Panel. Click on your bitmap and it will automatically fill the selected object.

The Color Mixer panel is also where gradients are accessed, discussed later in this section.

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