Automobile Repair/Honda/Odyssey/2002/Change engine oil and filter

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  • Owners manual indicates every 6000 km or 12000 km depending upon service conditions.

Method 1 - Using RampsEdit

  1. Drive the vehicle on to a set of ramps. One of the risks with this method is overshooting the ramps. This happened to me once: the ramps, at 8 inches height skidded under the running boards but did no damage.
  2. Engage the parking brake. Place blocks behind the rear wheels.
  3. Place jack stands in a suitable location under the ramped vehicle. This minimizes another risk with ramps, that they can collapse. Possible locations for jack stands are the jack seam.
  4. Place drain pan under the vehicle and remove the drain plug with a 14 mm socket.
  5. Place the draing pan so that it collects the oil draining from the pan as well as covering the area under the filter.
  6. Remove the filter. Removing the filter on this vehicle will make quite a mess of the plastic shrouds in the passenger side fender. You can clean it with rags or try to avoid some of the mess by placing old plastic bags over the filter when removing. Good luck!
  7. Check that the filter gasket has been removed before installing a new filter. Lubricate the new filter before installation
  8. Install the draing pan plug. Honda will provide a new washer for the draing plug.
  9. Remove the filler plug. Add the recommended amount of oil. This is 4.3 litres () of 5W-20. Secure the filler plug. Check the oil level with the dipstick. It should be close to right.
  10. Start the vehicle, remove it from the ramps, and place it on a level surface.
  11. Check the oil level and add as required.

Method 2Edit