Australian Studies

This book aims to enable students to obtain sufficient information about what is happening locally and throughout Australia today, so that they can:

  • reflect on their personal circumstances, and those of their family and friends
  • outline some possible employment, work and money-making trends in Australia over the next twenty years
  • set some realistic short and long term personal goals.

On completion of this short book, students should be able to meet the following learning outcomes:

  1. explain the main social trends in Australia today
  2. explain some current trends in Australian politics,industry, business and employment
  3. explain how they can equip themselves to thrive in this changing world
  4. discuss ways to become more active citizens in their local communities
  5. discuss a range of likely future trends in Australia
  6. discuss a range of ways to bring more fun and self-fulfillment into their lives and the lives of those around them
  7. demonstrate a range of skills and strategies to adapt to the rapidly changing labour market and social changes in Australia