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  1. بـتـت /b-t-t/
  2. بـثـبـتـف /b-θ-b-t-f/

Remember, [θ] is the voiceless "th" sound as in "thing".

A group of letters is shown connecting as they would in a word. Your job is to read the word from right to left (that is the way Arabic is written and read), and write the English transliteration letters (from left to right). Separate transliterated letters with dashes.

Note: Because you have not learned about writing vowels in Arabic, the transliteration only includes consonants. For example, "b-t-t": this means that the word contains the consonants in the word in that order, while the vowels are not indicated yet. Because the vowels aren't indicated the pseudo-word might be pronounced /ba-ta-ta/, /bi-ti-ti/, /bit-ti/, /bat-tu/, /bu-tat/, /bat-ta/ and so on.

We learnt previously that the letter ب (baa) makes the "b" sound, its name is "baa". So بتت b-t-t can be spelt out (baa, taa, taa) but the pronunciation of the word is not the same as how it is spelt. Once you learn about writing vowels, you will be able to read words with vowels.

Exercise 1 edit

Transliterate, use the reference chart below the exercise to help.

  1. دذر
  1. رذد
  1. وث
  1. رث
  1. ثذ
  1. تر
  1. وث
  1. رثو
  1. تدذ
  1. ذدبت
  1. بتي
  1. ثثث
  1. بووو
  1. برررريي
  1. يووو
  1. رذدرردذردتذدثـتبدذ
  1. ردذ
  1. رد
  1. ذد
  1. رث
  1. روث
  1. تيث
  1. ثرد
  1. رب
  1. رذي
  1. ييذ
  1. رر
  1. وو
  1. بب
  1. ذذ
  1. دد
  1. يي
  1. روي
  1. ذدر
  1. دود
  1. وذد
  1. دذر
  1. ردد
  1. ردذ
  1. وود
  1. ود
  1. كرردذودذ

References edit

Three times Twice Connected Unconnected Name Phonetic
ااا اا ـا ا Alif
ددد دد ـد د Daal [d̪]
ذذذ ذذ ـذ ذ Dhaal [ð]
ررر رر ـر ر Raa [r]
ززز زز ـز ز Zai [z]
ووو وو ـو و Waaw [w]