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The following two letters are often called emphatic. This means that the sound is both pharyngealized and partly velarized. The very back of the tongue is pushed against the back of the throat. In layman's terms, think of pronouncing the sound while simultaneously choking yourself. Phonetically, we write this by adding ˁ right after the sound.

  • Tžaa (ط) makes the [t̪ˁ] sound, like the 't', only emphatic.
  • Dhžaa (ظ) makes the [ðˁ] sound, like the 'th' in "either", only emphatic.

References edit

Three times Twice End Middle Start Alone Name Phonetic
ططط طط ـط ـطـ طـ ط Tžaa [t̪ˁ]
ظظظ ظظ ـظ ـظـ ظـ ظ Dhžaa [ðˁ]

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