Annotated Republic of China Laws/Criminal Code of the Armed Forces/Article 79

Criminal Code of the Armed Forces
Republic of China Law
Article 79
The amendment in 2001 had a specific effective date, but amendments since December 2007 would become effective per Article 13 of the Central Regulation Standard Act.

Promulgated complete amendment on 2001-09-28Edit

Effective on 2001-10-02

Article 79[1]
This Code will be put into effect on October 2, 2001.

Promulgated amendment on 2007-12-12Edit

Article 79[2]
This Code will be put into effect on the date of its promulgation, except for Articles which were amended and promulgated on Sept. 28, 2001 and took effect on Oct. 2, 2001.
  1. Reversed-derived from 2007 text.
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