Animating Weapons for Counter-Strike Source/Converting and Importing Textures into XSI Mod Tool

Converting your textures and importing them into XSI Mod ToolEdit

Purpose: To easily view textured models in XSI Mod Tool.

  • Open IrfanView.
  • Drag and drop a texture on to IrfanView.
  • Press s on the keyboard to save the picture.
  • Select BMP (the first option) from the drop down list and save it to your "tocompile" directory.
  • Repeat this process for all textures used by your model.
  • Take all of your BMP files, and copy them to:
    • C:\Softimage\XSI_4.2_ModTool\Data\XSI_SAMPLES\Pictures\
    • C:\SoftImage\XSI_6_ModTool\Data\XSI_SAMPLES\Pictures\

Explanation: This makes your textures inherently present in XSI Mod Tool so you do not have to go through manually adding the textures.

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