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An Introduction to Civilizations

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About Civilizations

Civilizations have been very important to the evolution of human history. For example the Sumerians invented the wheel. Even though this was a very ancient invention our modern "gadgets" such as car depend on wheels. Also these ancient civilizations are the basis of some of our traditions. For example Halloween was the day the Ancient Celtics thought that the ghosts and spirits would come out. Today we all dress up as ghosts and spirits. And as for languages. Our alphabets are mainly based on ancient symbols. And our words are based on ancient roots. All in all, The ancient peoples of the world played a very important role for our society.

Sumer the first civilizationEdit

Map of Sumer civilization with satellite imagery layer. Note the coastline differences

The first society known to date was Sumer. Sumer was an ancient civilizations that was very modernized for their time. The Sumerians invented the wheel. That invention changed transportation on Earth forever. The Sumerians also invented the earliest form of writing. This form of writing was called Cuneiform. Cuneiform was based on symbols and hieroglyphics. The last thing Sumerians did was they invented boats. They invented boats from the reeds off the river bank. This was because the Sumerians also were the first people to trade among each other. The Sumerians in many different way shaped all of Earth's societies and civilizations.