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Algebra I
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This book is intended to be a comprehensive look at the high school / middle school mathematics course called "Algebra I". That said, it would be well suited for a wide variety of individuals, ranging from students (at any grade level) to adults interested in refreshing or improving their understanding of basic math. It could be used either as a primary text or a reference.

This book will avoid explaining subjects with only rigorous mathematical abstractions whenever possible. Math can be tricky and frustrating enough without it seeming inaccessible. So while every topic will be covered fully and correctly and in many times using proper mathematical terminology, there will (almost) always be a backup definition or simple explanation to complete the concept. This allows a wider variety of individuals to learn from this text, from an ambitious 12-year-old to a forgetful teacher. Algebra I is the foundation for high school mathematics, so an Algebra I textbook should be accessible to everyone.