Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth/Turnabout Airlines/Part 2-4 - End 2

Edgeworth gets Cammy in to hear her reasons for having a contradictory testimony, but it looks like she's playing dumb. We will have to force the truth out of her with a good confrontation.

Testimony: Cammy Meele

Ms. Meele
Ms. Meele
Ms. Meele's Testimony
- Ms. Meele's Alibi -

  1. .....................Mnngh. Oh, um... yeah...
  2. From 3 to 4, I was, um... in the flight attendant's room all by my lonesome self.
  3. .....................Mnngh. Oh, um... yeah...
  4. And from 5 to 6, I was, um... in the flight attendant's room all by my lonesome self.

Well, ain't that helpful? Looks like Edgeworth will have to press her as she sleeps through her testimony! Someone has to wake her up so she can answer to the investigation...

Rebuttal: Ms. Meele's Alibi


Press the 4th statement. Cammy insists she was the only one in the flight attendant's room. Raise an objection and present the Suitcase Receipt. She couldn't have been the only one in the room, as Teneiro bought a suitcase and brought it to the room at around 5:40! Teneiro herself confirms that Cammy wasn't in the room. Her excuse? She went to the bathroom. Unfortunately, as unlikely as that sounds, Edgeworth can't prove she didn't! Cammy gives another testimony.

Testimony: Cammy Meele

Ms. Meele
Ms. Meele
Ms. Meele's Testimony
- Reason for Suspicion -

  1. Look, I know you're suspecting me 'cause I'm one of the crew.
  2. But you'd think then maybe you should suspect Ms. Rhoda, too.
  3. She's the one in charge of the elevator keycard and the shop, you know.
  4. If you ask me, that makes her super-suspicious.

Rebuttal: Reason for Suspicion


Press the 3rd statement. Cammy knows several languages to help passengers who can't speak English, and one of these languages happen to be Borginian. You get a new statement.

  • All I'm in charge of are the attendants' room and some Borginian stuff.

Present the Alif Red Certificate at this statement. The document is falsified, and if she is the only person who speaks Borginian, it could've been done by none other than Ms Meele! She must have played a part in the smuggling of the statue! Cammy finally wakes up and reveals her true self but still denies participating in the smuggling. She then notes that Teneiro is much more likely to be a smuggling ring member, having access to a lot of the plane. Edgeworth rebuts that this is simply the killer trying to pin the murder on her and that they have been trying to do that from the beginning. When asked to prove how, Present the IFly Suitcase. Out of all the places to hide a body, the killer chose to hide it in a suitcase. The killer didn't need to move the body to the first floor unless they were pinning the murder on Teneiro. Since she buys a suitcase on every flight, if the suitcase was swapped with the one with the body, it would implicate Teneiro as the killer. The sudden patch of turbulence ruined the plan and the killer tried to pin it on Edgeworth. The killer then moved the suitcase to the in-flight shop and took the piggy bank to make a false murder weapon.

File:AAIME Franziska Cell Phone.png

There is a special circumstance that required the killer to frame it on someone else, though, and that is Where the murder took place. Specifically, it took place in a plane in the air. The body wouldn't take long to be discovered, so the killer had to frame it on someone else. And that means only Cammy could've done it! Cammy states that all of this is just circumstantial evidence. She's right, but there's still one piece of evidence that never seemed to fit in the theory... Present the Missing Cell Phone. The killer must have taken the phone, so whoever has it must be the murderer. Cammy claims that the phone will have broken from the fall, so Edgeworth asks Franziska to call the victim's phone number. The constant beeping of the phone can be heard, but where is it coming from?

Walk upstairs to enter the Flight Attendant's Room. The sound is much louder, so it must be here. Examine the opened locker. Looks like it's in Teneiro's locker. This is looking bad for Teneiro... very, very bad. Better do something fast before she gets arrested! The killer must've hidden the phone because it contained incriminating evidence. You automatically examine the phone. Examine the camera lens. The phone should be able to take pictures related to the smuggling case! The screens are broken, but even though we can't check the data, this means the killer couldn't have erased anything important. A quick data transfer to Franziska's phone reveals a photo of the Cargo Hold... without the statue! That's still not enough to convict Cammy, so we must do one last examination.

File:AAIME crime02j.png

Bad Ending Seven: If your logic fails here, Cammy leaves under the pretense of working under another flight, and is never seen or heard of again.

Examine the pile of boxes where the Zheng Fa cargo and/or statue should be. They were shipped from Borginia to Zheng Fa, meaning the photo was taken before the refueling. Lablanc reveals that the boxes contain cloth. There's one piece of evidence we can tie to the killer, and that is the Borginian Cloth! The cloth was used to wipe up the blood, but it could only be obtained before the refueling. The labels are written in Borginian, so only a person fluent in Borginian could have opened one and used its contents, and the only crew member that knows Borginian is Cammy! While she states that the killer could have chanced upon the cloth after frantically searching the boxes, that is not possible. Present the box labeled Bedsheets. If the killer didn't know Borginian, they would have opened the box labeled "Bedsheets" right away, as bedsheets would have been perfect for cleaning up blood. The killer didn't want anyone to realize the crime scene was in the cargo hold, so they used the Borginian cloth to clean up the blood because it was to be unloaded in Zheng Fa.

With no way out, Cammy breaks down and confess to the crime.

What REALLY Happened


An international smuggling ring had set its sights on the Alif Red Statue. They had one of their members, Cammy Meele, help fake a document stating that the statue had been loaded on to the flight at Borginia. In reality, the statue was already smuggled off. Interpol suspected something was going on and sent one of their agents, Akbey Hicks, to investigate. Agent Hicks went to an exhibition of the statue and took a picture of it as a reference. He also booked the flight on which the businessman who owns the statue, Zinc Lablanc, was on. Franziska von Karma was also notified to travel back to America to meet up with Hicks when he arrived.

A while after the plane took off and started cruising, Hicks decided to check out the cargo hold. He went down to the first floor using the elevator, passing by an annoyed Mr Lablanc waiting for his in-flight movie at the wrong time. Meeting Cammy, he asked her to take him to the cargo hold. Using the entrance from the flight attendant's room, they entered the cargo hold atop the stairs. There, Hicks got a clear view of the cargo hold, finding that the Alif Red Statue was nowhere to be seen, and started taking pictures with his phone camera.

File:AAIME Case02acrime.png

Being a member of the smuggling ring and panicking over the realization that she could be arrested once Interpol started investigating the missing statue, Cammy pushed Hicks over the railing and to the ground several feet below, killing him instantly and shattering his glasses, as well as his phone's LCD screens. Realizing what she had done, Cammy knew that she had to pin the crime on someone else. First, she cleaned the blood from the fall using the Borginian cloth, knowing that it would be unloaded during the Zheng Fa refueling. Then she took the victim's phone, knowing that it contained incriminating evidence about the smuggling, but couldn't erase it due to the broken screens.

Remembering that her colleague Rhoda Teneiro buys a suitcase from the shop on every flight, she used one of the suitcases in the cargo hold to move the body. She planned to exchange it with the suitcase Rhoda bought to divert suspicion onto her, but the body was too heavy to be carried up the staircase. Thus, she went back to the flight attendant's room, stole Teneiro's elevator keycard, and planted Agent Hicks' phone in her locker. Back at the cargo hold, she moved the suitcase and the body into the elevator. Her plan was going well until a patch of turbulence struck.

The turbulence knocked the body out of the suitcase, scattering the victim's belongings everywhere. Miles Edgeworth had also fainted from the turbulence moments after Teneiro bought her suitcase for the flight. Cammy knew she didn't have any time left to clean up the mess, but she had discovered a new target to pin the crime on. She planted the victim's travel wallet on an unconscious Edgeworth to give him a motive and took a piggy bank that fell out of its shelf during the turbulence, striking Hicks' body over the head to create a fake murder weapon, then made a hasty retreat. Some time later, Edgeworth woke up, discovered the wallet and the body, and was mistakenly accused for the murder by Teneiro.



Cammy has been arrested and is being brought to the precinct. Teneiro thanks Edgeworth and gives him a suitcase. Franziska is already booking her departure, though Edgeworth intercepts her before she boards.

Franziska's off to track down leads about the smuggling ring in another country, though she does state that she is working with another Interpol agent. He's very popular among Interpol and has the highest arrest rate of all investigators. She says that Edgeworth might meet him someday. Perhaps he will!

A cell phone rings. The other person on the line is a man called Ernest Amano, who Edgeworth seems to recognise. He asks Edgeworth to help him rescue his son who has been kidnapped. Looks like we have another case on our hands...