ACT Study Guide/Registering

Dates And TimesEdit

ACT tests are given six times a year on Saturday mornings, usually at 8:00 am. For students who aren’t able to take the test on a Saturday due to religious restraints, there are non-Saturday test dates, although there aren’t nearly as many locations for non-Saturday tests.

When To Take The TestEdit

Students normally take the ACT as a junior or senior. There are a couple main considerations for deciding if you want to take it as a junior or a senior. The first main consideration is application date for schools. The other consideration is application dates for scholarships. If you take the ACT as a junior, it gives you more time to make decisions and you can always retake the test if you do poorly.

How To RegisterEdit

Registering By MailEdit

To register, get a packet from your high school counselor's office. If your counselor is out, you can contact ACT to request a packet. The registration contact information is:

(319) 337-1270 Mon.–Fri., 8:00 a.m.–8:00 p.m., central time


ACT Registration P.O. Box 414, Iowa City, IA 52243-0414

You can also request a packet here.

The registration packet includes a booklet called Registering for the ACT Assessment and a booklet that contains a practice test. You will need to fill out the form and send it to ACT in the envelope.

Registering OnlineEdit

To register online, go here. You will need a MasterCard or Visa. You cannot register online if you are:

  • Testing outside the US
  • Requesting testing accommodations for a disability
  • Requesting a fee waiver
  • Using a state-funded voucher to cover the basic fee
  • Enrolled in 6th, 7th, 8th, or 9th grade and younger than 13 (you can register online anyway if you are 13 or older)
  • Requesting arranged testing (Go here for more information.)


  • Test $31.00
  • Writing Test $15.00
  • Reports for a 5th and 6th College
    • Regular $7.00 per extra report
    • Priority $12.00 per extra report
    • Mailgram $17.00 per extra report
  • Late Fee $20.00
  • Test Date Change $20.00
  • Test Location Change $20.00
  • Stand-By Testing $40.00
  • Test Information Release $14.00
  • Viewing Scores Early FREE
  • Testing Outside of the US $18.00
  • Telephone Registration $12.00

ACT gives a limited number of fee waivers to those who cannot afford to pay the testing fee. To apply for a fee waiver, see the information on this web page.


The basic ACT

Writing TestEdit

The ACT Writing Test

Reports for a 5th and 6th CollegeEdit

You are given the opportunity to send score reports to four colleges free of charge. If you want to send score reports to a 5th or 6th college, you can order an extra report. If you need expedited service, Priority reports arrive in three business days and Mailgram reports arrive in one or two business days.

Late FeeEdit

If you have missed the original application date you can pay the late fee and still be guaranteed a seat on that day if you register by the late registration deadline.

Test Date ChangeEdit

This fee is given when you request to be tested on a different date when you are absent the first date. If you request the change after a set deadline, you will also be charged a fee.

Test Location ChangeEdit

Change your location but keep the same date

Stand-By TestingEdit

After all registered students are seated, you can be given a seat if there are still enough seats, test booklets, and proctors to oversee your test. You are not guaranteed a seat.

Test Information ReleaseEdit

If you pay for this service you will receive your answers, the test questions, a list of the correct answers, and scoring instructions. This service isn’t given for every test date.

Viewing Scores EarlyEdit

This allows you to see your scores online about two weeks after the test.

Testing Outside of the USEdit

You must register in the manner laid out here. The writing test is not offered outside of the US.

Telephone RegistrationEdit

By calling (319) 337-1270 you can register for the ACT if you have taken it in the past two years. ACT claims that this is the fastest way to register for the test.

After You RegisterEdit

After you register, you should receive a admission ticket that gives specific information about the testing center, what time the test is, etc. Make sure that the information on your ticket is correct. If it is not, follow the instructions given on the ticket as to what you should do.