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How long have you been working for?Edit

How would you respond to: (Assume for these questions that your name is Lebohang Ndlovu and that you're a student in Pretoria in your 3rd year. But you come from Johannesburg. You are 22 years old. Your mother is a cook. Your brother is teacher. You have two friends called Sipho and Mfanafuthi. Sipho stays in Cape Town.)

Igama lakho ngubani?

Igama lami nguLebohang.

Laba ngobani?

Laba abangane bami nguSipho nonguMfanafuthi.

Wena uphumaphi?

(Mina) ngiphuma eGoli.

uSipho uhlala kuphi?

uSipho uhlala eKapa.

Do you know...Edit

Translate the following Zulu sentences into English:

Uyamazi uNelson wakwaMandela?

Yebo, ngiyamazi. noma(or) Cha angimazi.

Translate the following English sentences into Zulu:

How long have you been working for?

(Wena) uneminyaka emingaki usenbenza?

My name is Simon Hlope.

NginguSimon wakwaHlope.

The teacher is coming from school.

Uthisha uphuma esikoleni

We come from South Africa.

(Thina) siphuma eNingizimu Afrika.

Where do you all stay?

(Nina) nihlalaphi/ nihlala kuphi?

I have studied for three years.

(Mina) ngineminyaka engu-3 ngifunda.

Odd one out:

Which one of the following is not a correct sentence: Uthisha uphuma esikoleni; Ngisebenzela eCrispy Chicken; Bona bahlala eNaturena; Yena uphuma eMelika.

Ngisebenzela eCrispy Chicken. (e cannot be used with sebenzela)

Which of these nouns is not a possible family member: umama; umkhulu; usisi; umkandi; ubhuti.

umkandi (repairman).


Try translating the following dialogue:

uSipho: Sawubona Njabulo!

Sipho: Hello Njabulo!

uNjabulo:Yebo, sawubona Sipho. Unjani?

Njabulo: Hello Sipho! How are you?

uSipho: Ngiyaphila, Wena unjani?

Sipho: I'm alive, how are you?

uNjabulo: Nami ngisaphila.

Njabulo: I'm still alive.

uSipho: Uneminyaka emingaki ubudala?

Sipho: How old are you?

uNjabulo: Ngineminyaka engu-48. Uneminyaka engu-17?

Njabulo: I am thirty two. Are you seventeen?

uSipho: Cha, Ngineminyaka engu-16 ubudala!

Sipho: No, I am sixteen years old!

uNjabulo: Ubaba wakho usebenza kuphi?

Njabulo: Where does your father work?

uSipho: Yena usenbenza eFNB. Usenbenzaphi?

Sipho: He works at FNB. Where do you work?

uNjabulo: Ngisebenza eNaturena kodwa ngiphuma eThekwini. Ufundaphi?

Njabulo: I work in Naturena but I'm from Durban. Where do you study?

uSipho: Ngifunda eParktown Boys.

Sipho: I learn at Parktown Boys.

uNjabulo: Umama wakho uyasebenza na?

Njabulo: Does your mother work?

uSipho: Yebo, yena ungunesi.

Sipho: Yes, she's a nurse.

uNjabulo: Sala kahle!

Njabulo: Stay well (Goodbye)

uSipho: Hamba kahle!

Sipho: Go well (Goodbye)!

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