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Wikijunior:Bugs/Mexican Red-Kneed Tarantula

What does it look likeEdit

It is hairy and has red or orange patches. A female is about 5 inches long and a male is 4 inches long.

Where does it live?Edit

In hot places like Mexico the western parts and the southern parts.

What does it eat?Edit

The Mexican red knee eats small birds, lizards, snakes, mice, insects, and small frogs.

How does it defend itself?Edit

If the Mexican red knee is threatened it will stand on its hind legs and will flick hairs from its back but that's just a warning to get away.

What stages of metamorphosis does it go through?Edit

The eggs are wrapped in silk and carried between their mothers fangs.

What special behavior does it exhibit?Edit

The cool part about the Mexican red knee is that it can smell with its legs and could smell their prey and could tell the opposite sex

How does this bug affect people?Edit