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I've ceased keeping up on things. I'm going to contact The MathWorks again to see if they are putting up a wiki and what it would take to get an annotated manual started. - rs2 11/19/2004

Almost a year to the day since I was last here! Woh, what happened to my life? Rs2 06:33, 21 November 2005 (UTC)


My major goal had been to start a Wiki MATLAB Programming Reference Text here. I didn't put any copyrighted material onto this website. That being said, I am curious how one goes about writing a reference about a piece of software that is proprietary. I had been in contact with Mathworks to determine if there is any way to incorporate the existing manual into a Wiki, probably a Wiki owned and operated by Mathworks. However, I got really busy and quit caring. For some home computing I wanted to get a copy of MATLAB and realized it costs almost $2k, so now I'm using Octave. My goal is not only to see good, wikified documentation on Octave, but also to see Octave bring about the downfall of MATLAB -- the MathWorks can live on, but $2k is TOO much for MATLAB.


I'm also tried to put together a Wiki HowTo documenting what I learned about how to start a Wiki, but the same time constraints apply. I just looked at that page and it's really taken off. Now when I get time, I can go back and read all the answers to the questions I didn't even know to ask 18 months ago when I was trying to get my own wiki started.

Pages I yanked because they were in bad shapeEdit

I'm starting to doubt the following page will ever get put back where I had it. I think the book will evolve beyond it or die anyway.