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I am trying to figure out how to start contributing some worthwhile material for an introductory text about Western Philosophy, as I am both a professor and student of the subject (having lived and taught in Asia for a few years, Eastern Philosophy is also an interest, but I have much less formal training in that subject). Unfortunately, my three jobs (see below) keep me ridiculously busy, so my time to contribute will be very limited and the pace of progress on the project undoubtedly slow.

Nonetheless, this Wikibook project interests me less because it will save college students some cash (though I think that is great), and more because it will provide quality educational materials to everyone, everywhere. I am very enthusiastic about open source software, and the collaborative power of the open source model in general. It can clearly produce amazing results outside the software world as evidenced by excellent resources like Wikipedia and her sister projects. Ultimately, I am a proponent of free of speech and thought, and am committed to the transformative power of education. I think it is one of the most liberating and empowering forces on the planet and should be freely available to people all over the world regardless of economic status, culture, language, or location.

What else, can I or should I tell you about myself? I have a day job as a Technology Consultant at a mid-size university where I also teach both philosophy and technology courses (yes, I realize it is a seemingly strange mix). In addition I have a small computer consulting business in my home town.