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Hello anyone who goes on this page (anyone, basically)

Me! In black and grey! woo...

I'm working on Learn to play drums at the moment, the first wikibook I have started. If you know stuff about drums (a lot of stuff) come and add some material to the wikibook, because it's gonna be a big book and it's gonna need more than one person regularly contribtuing to it. Although someone's added a lot of info about buying drum kits, which is good.

Also started working on Using Windows Movie Maker. It's going alright and it's a manual to MOVIE MAKER.

My wikibook writing carrer has been forced to be put on hiatus due to looming GCSEs! ARGH!

Random stuff about meEdit

I play the drums.

I love to play the guitar! I find it so much more... attractive compared to any other instrument (except maybe piano)With drums you can't dance around with the drums, you can't sing - with guitar you can! GUITARS RULE! ELECTRIC GUITARS RULE! SO DO ACOUSTICS! SO DO MUSE AND SOME OTHER PEOPLE! WOO!

I'd like to play a piano, but they cost loads and stuff, and I don't know how to play piano, and... yeah.

I don't like New Year's Eve.

I have emetphobia (look it up on Wikipedia if you want), which is closely linked to my dislike of New Year's Eve.

I like to paint with watercolours and draw.


Hello, anyone who visits this page. Feel free to write random stuff down here. Quetsions? Non-wikibook related stuff? Wikibook related stuff? Just stuff?