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Hi I`m Hansie(not real real name) born in South-Africa in 1991

I Started using blender when my dad (renier also a major af.wikipedia contrebutor) brought a open-source cd home (thats when we started moving to the open source area) and there was a example of blender in there so yeah I downloaded blender and started using blender

I Started learning blender ever since and I now have a 1.5 year experience and I`m starting to use the blender game engine to create programs for SASOL

and I`m now gonna start creating my new game TAXI

So I`ll write tutorials abot the blender game engine so that I will learn even more about the game engine

E-mail me at for anything really I`m looking to join a projector something and will help you step by step if you need any kind of help

Remember I'm only 15 years old so my spelling will be really bad