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General Chemistry (Project Page)


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My Personal InterestsEdit

I enjoy writing books about things that interest me. Doing the research to write a book helps me become very knowledgable about that topic. I then like to share this knowledge with the world.


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I've always been a computer geek. I enjoy writing about computer hardware and networking. Although I don't know much about programming, I would like to learn more. I am also very good on Windows machines but not very good at Linux, UNIX, Mac etc.

Although I'm good with computers, I would always like to learn more, especialy since modern technology is changing so quickly. For this reason, I will probably work on a lot of computer-related books.


Although history is not my main interest, I do enjoy it, especially ancient history.


I have always loved science and math, especially physics. I am constantly striving to expand my knowledge of these areas, and will probably choose these subjects more than anything else.

As far as science, I know a little physics, biology, and chemistry, but I would like to expand my knowledge, mostly of physics and chemistry. As far as math, I'm pretty good with algebra and know some geometry. Again, I would like to expand my knowledge through Wikibooks.

And much more...Edit

These are just a few of my interests. I constantly look through all of the subjects in Wikibooks for something that interests me, so don't be surprised if I start working on a book that has nothing to do with what's written above.

More about meEdit

My personal interests have to do with which books I will work on, but I don't see much use in giving a rediculous amount of other information about myself. If you really want to know, you can look at my list of userboxes below.

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