Umbraco/Plugins And Extensions/umbracoUtilities For 2.1

umbracoUtilities For 2.1Edit


  • AutoForm. The fastest way ever to build dynamic web applications. You can build full .net applications just using a mouse and a web browser. You can watch the screencast here for how to build a Gallery in five minutes.
  • Search. Full text search of all umbraco content – the package even index everything automatically upon install
  • SubscribeUnsubscribe. Easy management of newsletters that integrates into the new mass mailer in umbraco 2.1
  • ContentType. Change the mime type of templates, making it easy to output umbraco data as xml or csv..


  • Download the .umb file (and make sure it isn’t renamed as .zip when you download) to your desktop or another location where you can find it.
  • Login to your umbraco installation, click on the developer icon (bottom left corner), right-click macro and choose “Import Package”.
  • In the window that open up, click “choose” and locate the umbracoUtilities.umb file on your desktop. Press “Load Package” and follow on screen instructions.
Last modified on 30 July 2006, at 07:49