Last modified on 22 January 2011, at 20:47

Trainz/Using the Trainz Discussions Forums

Auran's Trainz Discussion Forums are the center of the vast Trainz online community. Much like any other forums, there are some common do's and don'ts to be aware of.


  • State your computer specifications when requesting technical help.
  • State your Trainz version and build number.
  • Post screenshots of your upcoming work and keep people updated.
  • Take heed of the code of conduct and the moderators in force.
  • Try and post in the relevant section of the forum.

Do Not:

  • Post the same post in multiple threads.
  • Use enormous signatures/banners.
  • Ask questions before searching the forums first. Many simple problems have been asked by people many times before, and the answer can be found by a simple search.
  • Post information regarding cracked software or illegal download sites etc.

The Trainz forum is a welcoming community and has many long-term well established members. Most content creators provide updates of upcoming or recent releases via this forum. If you do not own any web space, the most common way of posting screenshots directly into the forums is by using an image hosting company such as ImageShack.

Using the options in the forums, it is possible to customise your signature and your avatar. The avatar is the train image next to your name on any post. There are many avatars to choose from various regions of the world.